Saturday, November 15, 2008

IT's been awhile

So there are sometimes in life when things get a little too busy, and you can forget what is truly important. Like my blog. lol Anyway! Life hasn't been bringing me anything too exciting... just ready for Thanksgiving break so I can see my favorite people.

I will be arriving at home on Friday night, hopefully coming home to my beautiful baby niece and step siblings... as well as my Mommy and Step dad, and I think GG? HEck, who knows! All I know is that I couldn't be more excited... Too bad my boss is a Nazi! lol She is making me work over break, which entirely pisses me off, but oh well.

This passed Wednesday I had a Mary Kay party. All my friends and I sat around a table and got fabulous make overs!! There were about 14 of us. 

This is officially the most random post ever.... but I had to write something. 

Well I'm off to work and then Semi-formal for my frat....

Love to you all

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here is a video I made... this was my campus the night OBama won... they think there were about 2500 of us that ended up marching that night.... something i will never forget!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History in the Making!

Last night, the 44th president of the United States of America was elected. He was not a white man, but rather an African American. For the first time in US history, we as American's, stood together, and voted for what was right, not what was normal! 

I have to say, I am more and more like my mother as time goes on. As I sat in the results party, watching Obama's electoral count rise, I felt the tears start from my stomach. As it became official, Obama had been elected, there was not stopping the tears. 

Everything I had argued for, campaigned for, worried about, and prayed about, had just come true. The tears were not stopping. They were tears of joy, tears of relief. Tears for every african american sitting in the room with me, and tears for his family. It was by far, the most overwhelming feeling of my life. 

As I walked back to my dorm with my friends, I realized: we did it! "YES WE CAN" It was then that I was ready to listen to his acceptance speech. HOLY CRAP! More tears! 

After his speech, it was definitely time for a shower... but as I was walking to the stall... I hear chanting from the outside of my dorm "OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA",  it sounded huge. So, as any other college student would do, I went to my dorm, threw on jeans and a sweat shirt, and RAN! IT started at about 50 people, and we marched around to all of the dorms on campus. By the end of the night, police were shutting down streets for the 5000 college students marching for what is right! 

What an amazing experience. People I didn't know were hugging me yelling "WE DID IT!" and the overwhelming feeling didn't leave until I went to bed. DUring this "Riot" I lost 2 shoes, sprained my ankle, walked about 5 miles, ran about 2 of those 5, and didn't feel a thing but joy. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this experience, and I will never forget it!!


Monday, November 3, 2008

A Bracelet person, with a donkey mindset

So you are all probably wondering what the heck my post is all about? I will just have to tell you!

Tonight I went to church with a bunch of my friends, and this is what the pastor talked about. No, it wasn't a catholic church mom, sorry. BUT I did go to mass yesterday as well as this service!!:) Ok Ok... so he began by telling all 500 of us students that we are all filthy stinking rich. Of course saying that to a bunch of college students? I was really confused. 

He went on to talk about how he and his wife have been thinking about getting curtains... but they can't afford them yet. He talked about how they had a conversation and said "oh my gosh we are poor, we can't eve afford curtains". We are curtain people. We have food, we have clothes, we have houses, shelter, we have jewelry, we have make up, we have electricity, we have running water, etc.

Did you know that 80% of the world makes ten dollars or less a day? We as americans, we're only 20%. We are not the norm. IN foreign countries having a Donkey, means you are extremely blessed. They are appreciative, and they feel blessed. WE ARE CURTAIN PEOPLE! 

There once was a woman who went on a mission trip. There she met a young lady, who truly was a beautiful woman. She had nothing but the clothes on her back, and the people around her. The woman on the mission trip said to her "oh my, i really like your bracelet" without question, or pause the woman who had virtually nothing, took off the bracelet and said "here you have it". The woman didn't even pause to think about it. Because someone else enjoyed it and appreciated it, she was willing to give it up. Of course, the woman on the mission trip didn't take it, but holy cow!

If only we could be bracelet people with donkey mindsets. Give just because it's right, and feel blessed for the little things in life. It would take 20 billion dollars to feed the WORLD!! American's eat that amount of money in ICE CREAM every year... kinda sad huh?

We are rich. We are LOADED! Stop lookin at the little portion of the picture, and look at the entire painting. 

God bless