Saturday, November 15, 2008

IT's been awhile

So there are sometimes in life when things get a little too busy, and you can forget what is truly important. Like my blog. lol Anyway! Life hasn't been bringing me anything too exciting... just ready for Thanksgiving break so I can see my favorite people.

I will be arriving at home on Friday night, hopefully coming home to my beautiful baby niece and step siblings... as well as my Mommy and Step dad, and I think GG? HEck, who knows! All I know is that I couldn't be more excited... Too bad my boss is a Nazi! lol She is making me work over break, which entirely pisses me off, but oh well.

This passed Wednesday I had a Mary Kay party. All my friends and I sat around a table and got fabulous make overs!! There were about 14 of us. 

This is officially the most random post ever.... but I had to write something. 

Well I'm off to work and then Semi-formal for my frat....

Love to you all

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Becky said...

we'll be there on friday night too. matt thinks he'll be getting off work a little early so we're hoping to be on the road by 5 or so (which would put us home between 9 and 10 depending on if we stop at our usual spot for dinner or not).

so will you be commuting back and forth over break to work, or will you be coming home for just a few days and have to leave again?

love you, see you soon!