Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll miss my friend... OR dammit Ryan, don't go!

When the phone rang, and I heard my sister say "OH my gosh, Ryan!" My heart skipped a beat. I try and do my best to cover up just how much I love my brother, but everyone knows he's my favorite man in the entire world. I found out today that my Bubby, my friend, my enemy will be leaving me and my family to begin his journey as the greatest hero of all times. On Sunday, he will be headed to Virginia to report to TBS (a fancy marine school thingy).

When Ryan and I were kids, we did the average fighting thing, just as every brother and sister do. But with Ryan, it was always different. I knew from the time I was a little girl, that he would be my hero. When someone came to pick on me, if I was sad, or when I had my first boyfriend, he was there waiting to report to duty. Since my Dad passed away, he has been the man of the house. I suppose it should come as no shock to me that he chose this as his career path. He has been a noble, hardworking, loving, and caring person since I have met him. I will never forget the first time I came home with hickey. HE was ready to kill somebody, but I assured him it was fine. The time I hung out with one of his friends who wasn't the best influence in the world, he was ready to rescue me when needed. The time he drove my best friend and I to homecoming, and made us feel like we were the most beautiful girls in the world, was one of my favorite moments with my brother. 

And now he is leaving. He has been my hero for so long, and is now off to be someone else's hero for change. 
I am so proud of who you are and what you have become. Thank you so much for being my friend, my brother, my hero for so long. I know you will take the Marine world by storm and completely blow them out of the water. You are a lover, a fighter, and most of all a hard worker. I love you my Bubby. I will miss you while you're gone! Oh and by the way, one of these days you will take me to the bars at U of I. 

I love you,


Jennifer H said...

Wow this just made me really teary eyed tori. I love you girl!

Charlie. said...


When are you going to update? 3 months!

I miss your blogs.