Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today was one of those days that you look around yourself and say "Man it's awesome to be in college". Today ISU played Bradley in men's basketball. If any of you don't know, Bradley is our rival.... so I sat in a crowd of people in Redbird Arena where it was completely sold out! And again, I just love college. 

College is where you can scream absolute ridiculous things, and still get away with it. You can walk across campus, dressed as a man, and people think it's hilarious. I mean where else can you get away with these things and not look like an idiot? I just love college.

So our boys beat Bradley, and the stadium went insane. We charged the court, jumped up and down and sang the fight song.... I love COllege


Charlie. said...

Good. You updated. Occasional notes from you on the blog will be graciously accepted.

maggie said...

Tori, do you think I stopped doing that stuff just because I graduated?

Really. College is where you hone your craft; it just gets more interesting after.

To prove it, I say next time we get together, we go somewhere and jump up and down, just because we can.