Thursday, February 12, 2009

19 years 364 days old...

The things I've experienced in 19 years and 364 days have been both good and bad.

1. I have grown to love the most amazing people.
2. I have the most amazing family in my life
3. I've lost 3 grandparents, and 1 parent. 
4. Survived many things I shouldn't have
5. Made really stupid and awesome mistakes
6. Regretted a lot of them
7. Spent a lot of time trying not to regret them
8. Loved unconditionally
9. Graduated High School
10. Gotten on the Deans list at ISU
11.Fought way too much with the people with i love
12. Loved way too many people I shouldn't have
13. Cared enough, too much, and not enough
14. Found the most amazing best friend in the world, all the whil she was right beside me... my Mom
15. Gone through a roommate
16. Kissed plenty of boys
17. Wondered if they were the right ones
18. Gained an amazing Step-dad
19. Gained the most amazing step siblings and nieces
20. Believed that it doesn't matter if they are blood, they are my family and I love them
21. Freaked out about the future
22. Conquered anxiety disorder
23. Discovered I have PCOS
24. Talked way too mcuh
25. Spent wayy too much money
26. Cried
27. Laughed
28. Made A difference
29. Didn't do enough
30. Loved every minute of it.

I love you all, and thank you all of you for making my life an amazing experience. Mom, I'm sorry if the past 19 years 364 days have been hell, but the next 20 will be better. I love you and You're my best friend. Thank you for all that you do! 

Love you all!

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Evil step-dad said...

20??? So that gets you up to 20 years and 19 days. What about the rest of your life?