Friday, October 31, 2008


The time has come once again for one and all to go under disguise and become something else for an entire night. Children will dress up as their favorite super hero, tv star, monster, or profession. And the parent's will un-lovingly take them out trick or treating. 

What happened to the magic of Halloween? When we as children got dressed up, put on our make-up, and went out to see who could get the most candy? Now we find ourselves competing to be the "sluttyest" bumble bee, or nurse, or doctor, or even a slutty "construction worker". I mean really, what's the point?

Take a look around you today, you don't need halloween to be these things. As I was driving home from work last night, watching all the girls in their Scantily clad costumes walk to the parties, I realized that this is no longer "dressing up" it's definitely dressing down.

While some people go out and spend big money on these Barely costumes, others just take some underwear from their closet, throw in a pair of ears and a tail and claim to be the animal of their choice. Seriously? What happened to being a little kid, going out and buying a sweat suit, drawing whiskers on, ears and a tail and really being an animal?

Halloween turns the most conservative girls into something you would never understand. It questions morals, decisions, and ethics. 

YOu may be thinking "oh shut up" but I know. I was a "slutty" soldier last year, and I just realized, why? Who am I trying to impress? Do I really want the love of my life to say they met me while i was dressed as a "slutty soldier"? NO, so this year, I'm a fairy. NO, I'm not a slutty fairy, my dress covers well passed my butt cheeks, my make up will be like tinker bell, and I will feel good about myself the next day.

I will walk home tonight having had the best night ever. Fun with my friends, a dance party, and costume contest. A caramel apple bar, scary movies, and true fun. I will return home sober, remembering every aspect of my night, and having no regrets. 

I respect myself too much to become one of these girls. I, tonight will travel back in time, to my childhood, putting the magic back in Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

That, my dear, was beautiful, respectful and mature and I am very proud of you. I'm excited about your Halloween night. I hope it is magical.
It was beautifully written - you should be an English teacher or something! - Mo

Charlie and Cindy said...

Whose child are you?

Maggie is... said...

As one who will go out tonight with a slutty fairy and slutty Christmas tree, and as a somewhat slutty slayer of Muppets myself, I hear what you're saying.

But from where I sit, here atop my slutty ivory tower, I must admit that as an adult, I enjoy the slutty aspect of Halloween.

It's probably payback for the years when I dressed as a hobo, or a gypsy, or (GASP!) a clown when I was a kid - as a grownup, I want my share of the fun! Plus, for me, anyway, Halloween is all about casting of Maggie for one night and becoming something I'm not.

Regardless of what you may have read on the bathroom wall.

monkeyhouse said...

I don't have as much of a problem with the slutty college girls' costumes as I do the slutty 7-year-olds' costumes. Seriously, that stuff's just wrong.

And I'll have you know MY daughter dressed up as her favorite (non-slutty) superhero and I took her out trick or treating. Very lovingly I might add. :-)

Rae said...

When will you be adding links to all the family blogs?