Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's homecoming, which means everything at ISU is decorated and the team spirit is high!

2. I'm tired

3. I just woke up from a nap!

4. I get to participate in homecoming games tonight, and I'm actually really excited about it...

5. I love Paula Dean. I mean seriously, her southern accent, her wonderful food, and I'm pretty sure she is drunk when she records her shows!

6. I have to eat dinner early, and I"m really not that hungry.

7. I have an exam on Thursday, and I think it'll be at the easier end of the spectrum.

8. I'm knitting a scarf for a homeless shelter. While I know it's for a good cause, it doesn't make it any less tedious! 

9. I love the movie Hocus Pocus!

10. I love Halloween, and I Can't wait to dress up and watch scary movies with my besties!

1 comment:

Maggie is... said...

Love your 10, sweets! Paula Deen's sons are kinda cute ... maybe we should road trip to meet 'em?

Good for you with the knitting; someone will be warm this winter because of your gentle and generous heart ... and sore fingers!

Enjoy your Homecoming!