Monday, October 27, 2008

My dreams are your future...

Have you ever really thought about what other peoples dreams are? Do they want to be a doctor, or a pilot, or a teacher? I guess I never really thought any of this was important, until today when I really got to thinking about it. Other peoples dreams, are my future, and my dreams are your future. 

Lets say Sarah Palin's dreams come true, and she becomes Vice President of the United States... possibly even the President... quite a scary future. Or say the kid sitting next to me in class has a dream to run the country... again mine and your future.. kinda crazy huh?

So if this is the case, why is it that all the schools are taking kids dreams away? Don't they realize that these are the people who hold your future in their hands? If colleges keep denyng kids their majors, or even admission into the school, those kids lose their dreams, and parts of our lives may be missing. It's just kind of a crazy thing to think about.

So the next time you see somebody reaching for their dreams, encourage them. Don't tell them they are out of reach, tell them to reach further, and try harder. Their dreams are our future. 


Charlie and Cindy said...

Whose child are you?

Tori Carlson said...

I think I'm yours.... right?

maggie said...

Well put, Tor. And while a healthy does of realism is important (believe me, I know people who should definitely not dream of becoming brain surgeons!) it is the desire for something more that inspires greatness.

After all, if mediocre was good enough, the word "excellent" would never have been invented!

Keep reaching, beautiful. You may obtain your dream, you may have a new one along the way, you may just end up really limber from all that stretching. But either way, it's better than settling for less.

charlie said...

Always the serious one.

By the way... yes you are... ours... I think. There is always the possibility that the real Tori Carlson was switched at birth and is now a dancer with a traveling band of gypsies. H-m-m-m-m!